Odin Printing's customers are home based, small and growing manufacturers in the candle, aromatherapy, soap, food, cosmetic and other boutique areas. The focus is on smaller than normal quantities of printed folding packaging, labels, stickers, business cards, swing tags and other printed materials to help smaller business's grow one printed product at a time.

Odin Printing is the general combined printing website with more focussed websites www.candlepackaging.com.au   ​and our international website www.candledustcovers.com


We have been sourcing and producing printed folding packaging and short run labels since 2013.


This business evolved out of my previous candle manufacturing business when I had a requirement for short run custom printed candle packaging, and smaller than normal quantities of candle fragrance labels for my own brand and to use for my private label customers. It was at this time that I realised that it was difficult for small home based or small growing manufacturing business's to easily solve the problem of reliably sourcing printed packaging and labels for their products in lower quantities and with minimal overall investment to allow their business's to grow. This along with expensive artwork preparation costs were a significant barrier. 

“Thank you Sam for all your help and for making this process, which is all new to me, very easy and without any problems. Your customer service is excellent and I appreciate all the emails detailing the steps and what would happen next.  I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone who is thinking of having packaging done for their products.” - Sarilyelle Candles

“5 Stars ⭐️  Thank you Sam for everything! For your professionalism, your patience and keeping us updated along the way, it was a pleasure dealing with you.  You went out of your way on many occasions and ensured our packaging was delivered before the big day. We are looking forward to continued business with you. The packaging and labels are perfect! We couldn't be happier. You have helped us take our business to the next level. Thank you! Nina Bailey Luxury Collection www.ninabailey.com.au "

.” - Tandra & Taylor

“Being a small business owner I had a limited budget available for packaging.  Sam was very helpful and stepped me through each part of the process in creating my stunning packaging for my product. I would recommend her and Packaging Productions to all businesses wanting a premium package. www.oooohsandaaaahs.com- Kirsty