At Odin Printing we can produce high quality swing tags that are cost-effective. We deliver  Australia wide. Our swing tags can be used for clothes labels, candle jar fragrance labels, packaging labels, or for anything else you need to affix information that can be easily removed unlike a label.

Swing Tags for Soap

Swing Tags

Your swing tag can be perforated for easy tear off, have one or more holes drilled, folded in half, or have a custom die cut shape. Printing can be one side or both sides. Lamination and KRAFT paper also available.

Laser Cut Cards

Additional Process We Can Do

  • Foiling

  • Scoring

  • Folding

  • ​Perforating

  • ​Drilling

  • Rounded Corners

  • Die Cut

  • ​Laser Cutting

  • UV Embossing

  • Gold Spot Colour

  • Silver Spot Colour

  • Plastic Cards

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

To help you save costs we also include free delivery for all of our swing tag orders, anywhere in Australia.