Candle Dust Covers

Candle Dust Cover

Candle dust covers and custom candle lids are a simple and economical way to provide extra branding and information while serving a practical purpose of preventing dust settling onto the surface of your candles.

How many times have you been into a store and seen candles out of the box with dust or dirt stuck all over the surface?

These printed paper candle lids and dust covers keep the top of your candles dust free and can be customised to fit any style and size of candle.

Our candle dust covers are laminated both sides with a gloss or matt finish to further match your branding style. Or can have no laminating at all.

Candle dust covers can also be printed both sides. The top side is perfect for your branding while the reverse side is a great space to include your candle burning instructions.

Custom candle dust covers can also have a single hole in the middle, two holes for double wicked candles, or extra holes for multi wick candles. An oblong hole is perfect for when using wood wicks.

When measuring for your candle dust cover, please consider the following. You need space between the edge of the cover and the glass to get your finger in to remove the cover easily.

Many candle jars and votive style candle glasses have a taper. So if your fill height is a little uneven, it can affect the width across the surface of the candle.

To see more information on what Odin Printing can do for candle just covers, please visit our website

"Edit." You can now visit our new candle packaging specific website at or this link to see some standard pricing for candle dust covers

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